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Digital Forensics & e-Discovery

It is true that every legal case is unique to itself. Yet the 21st Century commonality is digital footprints all over the landscape of each. There are so many artifacts scattered throughout a computer system or network - and increasingly in mobile phones and other small scale devices - that it has become imperative to either find evidence within or to review and challenge what was found and purported to be admissible evidence.

For this reason, O'Rourke Investigative Associates (OIA) has made the commitment to lead the way yet again in this specialized field of investigations. From forensic hardware and workstation to the proven and court-accepted software and utilities, and gathering a team of experienced and certified professionals, OIA can shine new light onto your case, criminal or civil.

This technical field moves so quickly we are on constant watch for the latest high-level courses from global leaders in forensic education, such as the SANS Institute. this keeps us at the leading edge of solutions to the ever-present challenges facing all who work in the legal community.

You will find very quickly that the OIA investment and commitment pays off for your next case. Take mobile phones as just one example, which are particularly challenging to digitally acquire. There are many hundreds of models, each with one of about 2 dozen different operating systems and countless OS versions, their own unique cables and desktop software. But the manufacturers' software is very limited in its scope and capability. That's why we've invested in several different acquisition software licenses to ensure we get all the data that can be had; often times, even if previously deleted. Plus we have a veritable library of cables for over 500 models of phones.

A forensically sound investigation for use in legal proceedings is based on being provided legal access to the source media/system, with the scope of investigation clearly defined. In almost all cases, source media is protected from alteration during the process of creating a bit-for-bit image of the subject media, hashing both the source and target for authentication; and a working duplicate of the image is created. What does all of this mean? Trusted results that you can rely on to make your case.

Call Detective Michael O'Rourke or Jeff Baker today to discuss the merits of digital device forensics. It is most prudent to acquire and examine an actual image of the device. But at the least, the opposition's report needs to be reviewed for forensic protocol, thoroughness and an ability to reproduce the same results.

Every digital device acquisition and examination is performed adhering to ACPO Principles and NIST Guidelines for the handling of electronic evidence. Professional Ethical Standards of case treatment and confidentiality as set forth by the International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners are followed within the purview of Federal and applicable State law.

Coverage areas include Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Florida