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Security Division

Investigative Consulting: Consulting, Training, Public Speaking Engagements, Joint Investigations, Subcontract Assignments and SIU Training.

Corporate Security Audits: Auditing and Consulting to Major Corporations Employing Independent Security Forces.

Corporate-Law Enforcement Liaison: Safety and Security Training Audits, Compliance Inquiries, Theft Investigations, Corporate Espionage & Pre-Employment Investigations.

Background Investigations: Criminal Histories, Civil Litigation Histories, Driving Records, Education Verification, Military Service Verification, Professional License Verification, Reference Interviews, Reference Locate Investigations, Pre-Employment, Due Diligence, Single Scope and Corporate or Individual Investigations.

Employment Related Investigations: Wrongful Termination, Non-Compete Agreement Violations, No-Contact Order Violations, Employment Terminations and Escort, Executive Protection, Title 7 Workplace Discrimination Investigations, Theft, Embezzlement and Workplace Violence Investigations, Corporate Espionage Investigations and Undercover Narcotic Investigations

Digital Recovery and Forensic Analysis: Cell Phones, PDA's, Computers, Laptops and GPS Units