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Investigative Services

Our personnel include retired Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents, Military Police, State Government, Regional and Local Law Enforcement, and Insurance Industry Investigators utilizing the techniques and equipment most commonly found in Federal and State agencies. The diversity and wide range of professional and academic backgrounds allows our investigators to adapt to the most difficult of situations and achieve successful investigations in the following areas

Insurance Defense related Investigation: Defendant and Witness Locate Investigations, Surveillance, Recorded Statements, Service of Process, Scene Photography, Measurement and Drawings, Department of Motor Vehicle Inquiries, Police Report Acquisitions and Court Testimony.

Insurance Subrogation and Collection Tasks: Defendant Locate Investigations, Service of Process, Asset Investigations and Service of Process.

Criminal Investigations: Pretrial Investigative Strategy, Analysis and Implementation. Including Document Retrieval and Analysis, Evidence Accumulation, Scene Photography, Criminal Background Histories, Witness Locate Investigations, Recorded Statements, Service of Process, Jury Profiles, Polygraph Services, Litigation Support, Expert Witness Acquisition, Discovery Synopsis and Specialists in Homicide, Robbery / Homicide and Other Serious Crimes Against Persons.

Plaintiff related Investigations: Defendant and Witness Locate Investigations, Police Report Acquisition, Department of Motor Vehicle Inquiries, Insurance Coverage Inquiries, Asset Investigations, Recorded Statements, Scene Photography, Service of Process, Court Testimony, and Litigation Support Services.

Background Investigations: Criminal Histories, Civil Litigation Histories, Driving Records, Education Verification, Military Service Verification, Professional License Verification, Reference Interviews, Reference Locate Investigations, Pre-Employment, Due Diligence, Single Scope and Corporate or Individual Investigations.

Domestic Investigations: Paramour Identification, Surveillance, Cohabitation Verification, Asset Investigations, Business Evaluations, Computer Forensics, Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (Bug Sweeps), Semen Detection Kits, Vehicle Global Positioning Systems, Infidelity Decoy Stings, Service of Process and Court Testimony.

Penalty Mitigation: Locate and Interview Witnesses, Assist independent Mitigation Experts, Document Retrieval, Background Investigations and Credibility Analysis.

Corporate Security Audits: Auditing and Consulting to Major Corporations Employing Independent Security Forces.

Corporate-Law Enforcement Liaison: Safety and Security Training Audits, Compliance Inquiries, Theft Investigations, Corporate Espionage & Pre-Employment Investigations.

Employment Related Investigations: Wrongful Termination, Non-Compete Agreement Violations, No-Contact Order Violations, Employment Terminations and Escort, Executive Protection, Title 7 Workplace Discrimination Investigations, Theft, Embezzlement and Workplace Violence Investigations, Corporate Espionage Investigations and Undercover Narcotic Investigations.

Investigative Consulting: Consulting, Training, Public Speaking Engagements, Joint Investigations, Subcontract Assignments and SIU Training.