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About Us

We would like to take this time to introduce you to O'Rourke Investigative Associates, Inc., a licensed, bonded, and insured, full service national investigative agency. We invite you to experience the results now being enjoyed by the nation's most prestigious corporations, insurance companies, and law firms. Our firm specializes in complex Litigation Support. Our Divisions include Criminal Investigations, Background Investigations, Civil Tort Investigations, Surveillance, Service of Process, Digital Forensic Examination and Government Affairs/Corporate Solutions. We are committed to acquiring the information you seek through tenacious and detail oriented investigation.

Our combined staff is experienced, highly trained, and committed to mission safety. Our personnel include retired Federal Bureau of Investigation Agents, Military Police, State Government, Regional and Local Law Enforcement, and Insurance Industry Investigators utilizing the techniques and equipment most commonly found in Federal and State agencies. The diversity and wide range of professional and academic backgrounds allows our investigators to adapt to the most difficult of situations and achieve success. We conduct each assignment in accordance with Title 24, Del. Code Chapter 13, Chapter 493 Florida Statute, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Private Detective Act of 1953, New Jersey Title 45 Chapter 19, or the applicable law of any particular jurisdiction in which the investigation is conducted.

O'Rourke Investigative Associates, Inc. stands ready to complete any mission in full with our own staff, manage an investigation utilizing your internal SIU personnel, or provide consulting services in the areas of Surveillance, Background Investigations, Asset Determinations, Domestic Inquiries, Witness/Defendant Locate Investigations, Criminal Defense Investigations, Pre-Employment Investigations, Insurance Fraud Investigations, Undercover Operations, Hostile Employment Termination, Workplace Harassment and Discrimination Cases, and  Service of Process. We are honest, hard working, team players dedicated to strategically organize a confidential investigation to gain the information/results you require. Please feel free to contact us at any time to discuss the specific nature of your unique needs. We are eager to meet with you to explain to you, in person, why O'Rourke Investigative Associates, Inc. is the Investigation Expert you should be utilizing. Our references are available at your request. Experience the difference. Expect Results.

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