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Civil Investigative Division

Insurance Defense related Investigation: Defendant and Witness Locate Investigations, Surveillance, Recorded Statements, Service of Process, Scene Photography, Measurement and Drawings, Department of Motor Vehicle Inquiries, Police Report Acquisitions and Court Testimony.

Insurance Subrogation and Collection Tasks: Defendant Locate Investigations, Service of Process, Asset Investigations and Service of Process.

Plaintiff related Investigations: Defendant and Witness Locate Investigations, Police Report Acquisition, Department of Motor Vehicle Inquiries, Insurance Coverage Inquiries, Asset Investigations, Recorded Statements, Scene Photography, Service of Process, Court Testimony, and Litigation Support Services.

Background Investigations: Criminal Histories, Civil Litigation Histories, Driving Records, Education Verification, Military Service Verification, Professional License Verification, Reference Interviews, Reference Locate Investigations, Pre-Employment, Due Diligence, Single Scope and Corporate or Individual Investigations.

Service of Process: Nationwide Service, Same Day Service Anywhere in the Country, Domestication and Miscellaneous Filings and Avoidance of Service Specialists.

Digital Recovery and Forensic Analysis: Cell Phones, PDA's, Computers, Laptops and GPS Units

Investigative Consulting: Consulting, Training, Public Speaking Engagements, Joint Investigations, Subcontract Assignments and SIU Training.